The Easy Total Health Care that You Can Create at Your Home

Hello all friends for at present I have good data about total health care to share with all friends. Do you know that you do not need to pay extra money for health care service, you can take care of your health at your home, and it’s so cool for all friend? Actually if you understand your body better you will know that what is nice thing that your body crave and you can get nice thing for your body also. This item will show some knowledge I understand, I must let know all friends that I’m not professional in this matter but I only want to tell that all people can produce good health by own.

For the initial topic that it’s important so much for human is Relaxation. Mainly people on the world overlook this matter. Do you know that if you relaxation less than 7 hours per day your body will irregular work? From researching of James McClain, Ph.D from Cancer institute of America, Maryland finds that who adequate sleep can decrease chance to cancer illness up to 25% and from researching meet that if you always sleep less than 7 hours per day will increase opportunity to cancer disease up to 2 times. From this researching show we know that relaxation is crucial for body.

Useful food is another one topic you must regard and highlight with it. You try to imagine that if you get only junk food or no fiber food whatsoever this will affect with your intestine and excretory system surely. Generally people have trouble about excretory system some people earn Constipation, Hemorrhoids etc. Do you know that why you receive these diseases, the answer is food that you eat every day. The body of human wishes many foods and foremost thing is fiber from vegetable. You can get vegetable every day but you ought to verify freshness and cleanness also this will make your body earn valuable nutrient.

The water is another matter that you have to very highlight. Normally human require water about 1.5 – 2 liter for each day (6 – 8 glass). You can starve up to 2 – 3 weeks but you can’t lack of water like the food. If your body lack of water 2 – 3 day you will be dead instantly. From researching find that the water has more valuable with body system such as Digestion process, food absorption process and waste excretion out of body process also. How do we know that what’s nice drinking water? good drinking water should to without contaminant such as bacteria, heavy metals and chemical compounds, integrated by excellent mineral (potassium, magnesium, calcium etc), the pH of water about 7.25 – 8, high oxygen quantityFree Reprint Articles, you ought to do not find sediment in that water and great water have to be clear do not have color or odor.

Suitable exercise for this subject I think that every friend already know. How do you keep fit when you do not have adequate time each day? I suggest that you do not need to keep fit every day only you use time approximately 10 -20 minute wherever and anytime move your body this is keep fit but for who have sufficient time you can go to fitness or soft joking at your home as you please this is so nice for your body. Easy total health care that all friend can do it make it every day you require or when you have time.

I anticipate that you will get some data from this total health care article and I’ll happy so much if you make follow this advice. good health you can produce by your own. Take care of your body before you must lose it evermore. I have two choice offer you choose 1. Take care of your body or 2. Treat your body.

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